Below are reviews received from the Box & Fiddle magazine.

The icing on the cake was our Guest Artiste, Edinburgh virtuoso accordionist David Vernon. We had David several years ago and I’m glad to say he’s still 100% entertainment with mind blowing playing and humour to match. Watching this man playing is a lesson in accordion technique – if you could slow his fingers from the usual blur that is: his Roulette Wheel piece was mesmerising playing. From note-bending to reels played on the basses it was a hard choice to watch left or right hand. Clamour for an encore was obligingly complied with, bringing to a close a wonderful evening of music by David.

An excellent performance from a brilliant guest artiste!

David Vernon was tremendously good at Langholm Club tonight. Great entertainer and musician. Thanks for a great night David.

The guest artist for the evening was accordion maestro David Vernon from Edinburgh. It is hard to describe the talents of this player and he has to be seen and heard to appreciate the incredible dexterity involved with playing tunes on the bass and keyboard alternately, along with his wry sense of humour. A talented, entertaining guest artist.

David Vernon played for our guest spot, and he took us on a tour of the world with music from every corner along with a few traditional selections, played impeccably. He has an extraordinary talent – one comment from a member of the audience was that he must have been born with an accordion on. David did admit to practising constantly as a youngster, which has paid off. He interspersed his playing with stories and jokes, and left us in awe of his talent.

East Kilbride
The icing on the cake has to be the performance of our guest artiste David Vernon. His varied programme of Continental, Jewish, American and Russian music had us all captivated. His ability to play using either hand alternately jigs and reels is amazing. By the way, his jokes had us in stitches as well. Well done David.

Our first meeting of the year saw a smaller than usual audience, presumably due to the snow. Those who did attend were treated to a world tour of music and jokes from David Vernon – absolutely first class performance.

Premier (Northern Ireland)
At our March meeting we were delighted to welcome back David Vernon, the highly accomplished accordionist from Edinburgh – and what an evenings entertainment he had lined up for us. His theme for the night’s music was a world tour, and the selections bore that out. The fingering on “The Roullette Wheel” was unbelievable to say the least, and note perfect into the bargain ! A real treat was something we had not seen the likes of before – a series of tunes played entirely on the left hand, and these included some tricky enough tunes to play normally on the right hand [ e.g The Harvest Home, The Soldiers Joy and The Masons Apron ].

This was absolutely superb and shows just how much ability this man really has. This was without doubt one of the best evenings we have had in a long time [ not to mention the terrific patter also ], and we are already looking forward to David’s next visit. Our thanks to him for all his efforts.

We had another excellent meeting at our December club on the 13th of the month. Our guest David Vernon, making a return visit, again did us proud. His presentation would be well accepted worldwide, as he has worked hard at the whole issue, which highlighted the music of various countries – some known and some not so well known – but never the less very interesting to listen to and expertly played on the accordion. Jimmy Shand said he liked the accordion to stand up for itself. Well, in Davids hands, it does just that. As well as being entertained, we had a musical education.

Wednesday heralded another great night within the Argyll Arms Hotel, Ardrishaig with our special guest David Vernon. The audience was treated to a musical extravaganza from David, playing piano accordion completely acoustic, which totally enthralled those who appreciate music to a high standard. As if that was not enough, David entertained between musical selections with jokes and stories, which were appreciated and enjoyed by all those present.

Castle Douglas
Our guest artiste for the February meeting was Dumfries born David Vernon, now a professional accordionist residing in Edinburgh. The large turnout was treated to a night to remember; his accordion playing was out of this world, plus his many quips and stories, a truly great entertainer. He used to be one of our local players before going full time, which accounts for the huge audience. Everyones verdict – a super show.